Munina Adabisi’s Songs

BY Kamil Zając

Munina Adabisi's Final Song

I am the sour fruit of a mésalliance between a Kenyan peasant womanof extraordinary beauty and a bastard ancestor of the emperor
Franz. my blood is black and so hot it boils

and roars but my heart is snow white like Tyrolean peaks

valleys and I yodel in lederhosen worn like my sorrow

and suffering, my skin is wan like an albi nose, my thighs and lips are full, my thoughts and hair wild sometimes twisted like

dreadlocks are the turns of life, my orphaned voyages,

in this purposeless world I stray, hopeless and senseless,

the road stretches its tongue long like a metaphor, oh hear my voice, my inspiration and you morpheus, sister morphine, brother
johnny walker, you too try to understand, munina's crying.
it's a rare performance. if you meet me by chance

kiss my temple and bow low for fate scorns us all and I

hide in songs dark like a grove. thank you all. it's time to go.


Kamil Zając, born 3 October 1981, graduated from Wrocław University with a double degree in Polish literature/journalism and philosophy/communication studies. A veteran of modernistic cultural wars for a better tomorrow, he has been sentenced many times for disobeying his supervisor’s orders. He serves as the personal secretary for Munina Schwartz vel Adabisi. Zając created an informal group of The Sensitive Nihilists Trying to Achieve a Distanced Attitude.

Frank L. Vigoda is a translator with two faces and two tongues, but a double aheart! He lives in Riverside, CA and works excluafter hours. His output includes volume of poetry 69 by mlb, scheduled for release by Zephyr Press and poems published in numerous journals, and not yet published. His translations into Polish are signed Franek Wygoda.

Tekst dostępny na licencji Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 PL.