Information about cookies

If you think that collecting “cookies” by your browser is in breach with your privacy, you can switch it off for a chosen site or all sites visited in your browser.

Mozilla Firefox
In “Tools” choose “Options” and go to “Privacy” tab. The browser lets you choose between no tracking at all and deleting cookies for specified sites.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
In “Tools” choose “Internet options” and go to “Privacy” tab. Use the slide to adjust a general level of privacy or click “Sites” to manage settings for respective websites.

Google Chrome
In the menu hidden under three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the window choose “Tools”, and “Clear browsing data...”. Besides the possibility to delete cookies there is a “Learn more” link, which redirects to a detail description of browser’s privacy options. 

Choose the “Opera” button in the top left corner of the window, then “Settings” and “Clear browsing history...”. Besides the possibility to delete cookies there is a “Manage cookies...” button, which directs to more advanced options for individual sites.

Apple Safari
W “Safari” menu choose “Preferences” and then “Privacy” tab. It contains different options for cookies.

Mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices
Every mobile device might manage cookies in a different way. Therefore we encourge you to read about privacy options on your device’s manufacturer website.