lovepuzzle 3

BY Joanna Roszak

lovepuzzle 3

when hand and hand build a rainbow over the tangled summer of black cherry treeswhen the initial letters of our names don’t match in the dry time of yearand the rainy season makes them flow like water
which runs and crushes without counting syllables ‘cause nothing adds upsearch for me in time when your sometime is now
and your someplace here
what you take from the equator is your thing
but the alps on tin pan alley stand wide open
this is how birds die they somersault into the trapdoor
a little twist under the apple tree
we turn grey in an hour we sleep and swim standing and stand like squares the little girl on the bike is heading straight towards us she runs over our backs and stomachsleaves are teething and aching torrents of snow bounce off the railing I’m reading a poem which says I’m reading a poem

how can you bear me if you are not here?

translated by Grzegorz Czemiel


Joanna RoszakJoanna Roszak (born 1981) – author of two books of poetry: Tintinnabuli (2006) and Lele (2009); works as lecturer at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In 2009 she defended her PhD thesis on Tymoteusz Karpowicz’s speach synthesis (Synteza mowy Tymoteusza Karpowicza); author of the books: Południk spotkania. Paul Celan w polskiej poezji powojennej (Wydawnictwo Poznańskie, 2009), W cztery strony naraz. Portrety Tymoteusza Karpowicza (2010) and Synteza mowy Tymoteusza Karpowicza (2011); holder of Polityka weekly magazine scholarchip, nominated for the Young Art Medal (Medal Młodej Sztuki). She has published in: Lipar (Serbia), Pro Femina (Serbia), Przegląd Polski (USA), Odra, Topos, Literatura na Świecie, Res Publica Nowa and Nowe Książki.

Grzegorz Czemiel – (born 1983) academic teacher and freelance translator. He is preparing his Ph.D. on the poetry of Ciaran Carson at the University of Warsaw. Among his interests are philosophy, literary theory and psychoanalysis. He lives in Warsaw.


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