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Looking for a flat to rent begins already half-way through the holiday period and culminates with the peak season in the beginning of autumn. What does the quality of rented spaces, their arrangement, furnishing reveal about our society? Wynajęcie (For Rent) is an exhibition and publication of photographs of flats for rent collected by Natalia Fiedorczuk in the course of several years of her experience as a tenant. The photos are accompanied by texts analysing the issues related to renting flats, contributed by sociologists dealing with the matter: Marek Krajewski, Rafał Drozdowski, Filip Schmidt and Marta Skowrońska.

Natalia Fiedorczuk Wynajęcie (For Rent).
Text: Rafał Drozdowski, Marek Krajewski, Filip Schmidt,
Marta Skowrońska.
Published by Fundacja Bęc Zmiana
and Narodowe Centrum Kultury, Warszawa 2012
Apartments for rent produce the impression of being somewhat of a huge overhead cupboard, extended to the dimensions of the entire flat, filled with things that are not suitable for use any more, have lost their power of a function-sign and see their glory days way behind them, but cannot be disposed of without regret as they have not lost all of their functional values. These spaces manifest the lack of trust in those who are to use them – that is why the only objects they are left at their disposal are those whose damage would not be regarded as a loss, but rather as a minimal cost inherent in the contract of rent (excerpt from Marek Krajewski's text).

Natalia Fiedorczuk – born in 1984 in Augustów. Graduate of the Visual Arts High School in Supraśl, studied at the Department of Intermedia of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Currently student of psycho-pedagogy of creativity at the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw, where she is acquiring her yet another (already the fourth) profession as a creativity coach. Regular musician (vocalist, keyboard player, guitarist) and composer in, among others, Nathalie and the Loners and Happy Pills. Columnist of web services T-mobile Music and Polska ma Sens.

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