POETRY: Julia Superstar

POETRY: Julia Superstar

BY Michał Szymaniak

Poem by Michał Szymaniak. English translation and audio version by Ola Bilińska

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Michał Szymaniak was born in Warsaw, where he lives and studies. His debut poetry book was rozrywka (SDK 2011). He published his poems in Wakat and Lampa magazines. He also contributes to Lampa writing music reviews. Currently working on a new book.

Superstar Julia

julia wipes up a stool hides her face in her hands
she’s thinking about her career and that she is
too young to die but people will remember her
‘cause she’s a somebody not a nobody
there’s time for fun and there’s time to die
and now it is time to die
julia looks into the camera with glassy eyes
ties a loop around a pipe in the kitchen
places the stool hears knocking on the door
she doesn’t open climbs up the stool
she puts the loop around her neck hears knocking on the door
she doesn’t open she says goodbye dear television viewers
she waves to the camera hears someone enter the apartment
julia hangs herself breaks her neck dies
her father runs into the room starts screaming
crying he takes the remote control out of his jacket pocket
presses the rewind button and here it goes all over again
this is the story of julia s
s for star. superstar

translated by Ola Bilińska


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