POETRY: The Passive

POETRY: The Passive

BY Marcin Sas

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Marcin Sas was born in 1983 in Warsaw. He mostly writes poetry. He published in Tygiel Kultury, Wyspa, Zeszyty Poetyckie and Pogranicza magazines. Author of poetry book Po zapaści w języku obcym (After collapsing in a foreign language) and a collection of short poetic stories, which will soon be published in Polish.

The Passive

She really sleeps, she doesn’t pretend to be dead anymore, she won‘t leave home
too much, and doesn’t have much to say, only sentences cut in

half nothing can appear more dead in a dream. (li-lack –
does it blossom at night?). It’s funny, the murmuring and whispering, measuring
centimetres of  shadow from the walls, shifting over the bedclothes, little by little,

in search of a different expression for this type of weightlessness,
towards the end, not letting yourself be taken by surprise by the trickiest of alarms.
It’s clear now, nothing of love.

translated by Ola Bilińska