WHO'S WHO AND WHY: Maurycy Gomulicki
Maurycy Gomulicki, photo: Barry Dominguez

Maurycy Gomulicki

BY John Biweekly

In this section we introduce Polish artists, places, new phenomena. We always ask the person or the place’s representative the following question: WHY ARE YOU HERE? It’s completely up to them, how are they going to interpret the question and answer it. In this issue we give you MAURYCY GOMULICKI

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Maurycy Gomulicki (born 1969) – artist, designer, photographer, collector, popular culture anthropologist, author of three-dimensional installations and short movies. A hedonist, who, as he says, consistently promotes The Pleasure Culture. Consultant and co-author of the ABCDF project – a visual dictionary of  Mexico City (2000-2002). In 2005 Gomulicki designed a network of Erotika Sex Shops in Mexico. The broad audience knows him best from his Pink Not Dead! project (2006). Author of two photography albums Fúnebre (together with Jeronimo Hagerman, Editorial Diamantina, 2006) and W-wa (Warsaw) (Fundacja Bęc Zmiana, 2007). Since October 2009, his Lightspurt shines pink over the Kępa Potocka district in Warsaw. He lives and works alternately in Poland and Mexico.

KEYWORDS: playful, pink, pop-culture, erotic, fantasy, pleasure, paradise, pussy

Maurycy Gomulicki

“Every painter dreams of his work being devoured with eyes, just as porn mag pages are devoured.”
“The culture of pleasure ought to be built.”
“Eroticism is fundamental in human life.”
“I wouldn't mind changing the Red Square into a Pink one even for one night, it would be real fun.”

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Probably because I’m pretty active and, as a ‘critical hedonist’ seriously occupied with life’s beauty, I do not fit in Polish mental routines, which can make my actions interesting in a way even to those, who don’t share my view of the world. The Lightspurt done together with Fundacja Bęc Zmiana, being one of the few ‘permanent’ modern artistic interventions in the Warsaw's urban space, is not insignificant here, I guess.