The Other Way Around

BY John Biweekly

The cover of Biweekly#14? Should one take it easy? Will the sun, inevitably coming our way, blind our sight to essentials?

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This issue for a starter we recommend some moving image.

In our Electric – Rich Files section, or the multimedia player on the main page, please see an invitation to participate in a Dock’s Docs remix contest. Once you wrote down all the ideas, and downloaded the files to remix, you’re ready to try other tastes.

cover by enenek

If you want to know what’s there to watch without the need of using Polish, then reach out for 365 trees album, go and see the exhibition in the National Museum in Warsaw, or listen to one of the many bands that Macio Moretti has set up in the international language of music.

You're warmed up now, so you can proceed to the excerpt of Zygmunt Bauman’s book and read what Paweł Sala had to say in a conversation with Piotr Czerkawski. Unless you are like one of those Poles who don’t read.

As for the cover? This season, as every year, hope appears on the horizon. There will be more sun, and we will finally uncover. What about the waste that emerges from under the melting human snow though? Who will melt that?

So maybe do not take it easy. That way or another Biweekly#14.

Biweekly#14. Editor: Agnieszka Słodownik. Cover by enenek. Issued 4 March 2011 at 20:10.