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BY John Biweekly

In this section we introduce Polish artists, places, new phenomena. We always ask the person or the place’s representative the following question: WHY ARE YOU HERE? It’s completely up to them, how are they going to interpret the question and answer it: TWOŻYWO

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Twożywo – art group of the two: Mariusz Libel and Krzysztof Sidorek that was established in 1995, in Warsaw. Twożywo has been working in its present line-up since 1998. Its major field of artistic work is public space: a street, a wall, city fragments. Twożywo's artistic projects aim at involving the passer-by, the viewer and the participant of social rituals; and with the use of selected media (billboards, stickers, templates, posters and murals) they want to provide them with subject matter that is usually absent from the mercantile visual environment, i.e. social, political and existential involvement. The group's work displays elements of pop art, constructivism and concrete poetry. They are also involved in net art projects.

Twożywo's mural in New Brave World club
in Warsaw, photo A. Słodownik
“It's true, that we find the term ‘art’ slightly problematic. If you want to call us a creative team - can be. A socially involved group? Fine. We don't feel like artists. We never graduated from any art academy...”

“Surely you'll find a lot of inspirations in our work, for example constructivism, but thinking that we won't do something, because it's already been done is alien to us.”

“We have our mission and we stick to it. We do what we want. We don't want to limit ourselves and simplify things. We dont have any client behind our back, therefore we can do as we please, and we're glad about that. It's a source of our joy.”

„The actions of Pomarańczowa Alternatywa or the Russian contructivists were idealogic, whether it was fighting communism or building it. And that's where we differ. My ask questions. We're in search. It is not a closed system.”

“Can the artist be blind to the surrounding world full of problems and dilemmas? We respond with a NO.”


Painting from stencil, photo A. Słodownik

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