CULTURE 2. 0 – Culture Resources

CULTURE 2. 0 – Culture Resources

BY John Biweekly

This year’s conference consists of discussions, lectures, interactive exhibition, and a surprising poetry event. If you didn’t get the chance to pin down the concept of ‘culture 2.0’ just yet, now is the perfect chance to get to know theory as well as practice

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The dominant theme of issue #08 is culture 2.0. Why did we choose this topic?

CULTURE 2.0 2010
Warsaw, 18-20 November 2010

The Polish National Audiovisual Institute (NInA), Biweekly's publisher, is holding the CULTURE 2.0 – CULTURE RESOURCES conference in Warsaw on 18-20 November 2010. This year’s edition of Culture 2.0 includes discussions, presentations, lectures by European experts on the paths of development of contemporary culture, on how cultural institutions are facing technological changes, followed by a meeting with Professor Zygmunt Bauman.

We will also present a performance poetry project called Slam Sensing Nation Sensation and an interactive art space, Enter level 2.0. The conference takes place in the post-industrial space of the new headquarters of the National Audiovisual Institute (NInA) at 3/5 Wałbrzyska street in Warsaw and will be broadcast online on Biweekly.

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Culture 2.0

The term refers to the transformation of web sites that began a few years ago. Culture 2.0 involves a new circuit of culture, shaped by experience in the use of digital media and by the opportunities they offer. The new version of culture brings new practices, new tools, and a blurring of former divisions.

Culture 2.0 means the search for new versions of already known content, forms of media, methods of distribution and participation, or canons of culture. However, its “newness” is not dependent on a break with the past, as is sometimes suggested by media specialists. The old media are not disappearing, but are becoming the content of the new ones. Culture 2.0 is therefore both evolutionary and revolutionary in nature.

Culture 2.0 today constitutes a challenge for cultural institutions – in fact it creates an alternative circuit of culture in which these institutions are often absent. The theme of this year's conference is the transformation of cultural institutions and key regulatory mechanisms, as seen from the perspective of Culture 2.0.

Key ideas

Digitisation: the transition from analogue culture to digital culture is not just a technical process. Mass digitisation of culture requires new legal solutions, and an understanding of the “born digital” culture – but it is also a chance to revive cultural heritage.

: One of the key features of Culture 2.0, made possible by digital technology, is its increased openness, meaning a greater availability of content, but also a greater opportunity for participation. Openness is an opportunity, but also a challenge for cultural institutions because it requires a change in the current models of operation.

: The conference is oriented towards the future, pointing out the latest cultural trends and forecasting the shifts in culture in the long run. Our goal is to discuss the transformation of cultural institutions which enable them to cope with challenges not just today, but also in future.

Additional events

Enter level 2.0 is an interactive art space. While the conference takes place on the ground floor of the National Audiovisual Institute's building in Warsaw, the 2nd floor reflects the practical representation of the concept. As artists, programmers, fans of new media and multimedia companies enter this post-industrial space, it becomes a platform joining art with technology.

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Slam Sensing Nation Sensation is a concert or happening based on the premise of the “Chinese whispers” game. Marcin Cecko's poem went through an evolution of translations, from one language to another in a pre-established order: Polish – English – Dutch – Spanish – Hebrew – French – Japanese – Polish. During the concert, each version will be an independent piece. Marcin Cecko will also come on stage. Biweekly is the event's patron, as we were the reason for the first translation, which was published in English in issue#01.

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See you there!

Biweekly#8. Editor: Agnieszka Słodownik. Cover by Rene Wawrzkiewicz. Issued 13 November 2010 at 00:11.