WHO'S WHO AND WHY: Bartek Kulas
Millhaven, dir. Bartek Kulas

Bartek Kulas

BY John Biweekly

In this section we introduce Polish artists, places, new phenomena: BARTEK KULAS is currently in Cannes promoting his latest animated movie Millhaven. Soon to be seen at the 50th Kraków Film Festival

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Bartek KulasBartek Kulas (born 1980) – director, graphic designer, photographer. Graduate of Cracow Academy of Fine Arts. He does short films, videos, and stage design. Prize winner at a considerable number of festivals: UNICA 2002 Luxemburg, UNICA 2003, Young Electronic Arts, POL-8 International Film Festival, OFF Cinema 2003, Yach Film Festival 2002 and 2003 nominee, shortlisted for ERA NOWE HORYZONTY 2005 Animation and Document contest. His latest animated movie Millhaven will be screened at the 50th Kraków Film Festival.  


The question sounds like a koan raised by the Zen master in order to awake the student. Usually my koan is “
I AM?!”, which appeared quite early in my life. The sole fact of “being”, at this point, the limits of probability that anything actually exists, has been exceeded. Existence is a MIRACLE. This is what I tend to say in my films. I try to share my constant amazement with the audience: WE ARE!?