It’s All About the Congress

BY John Biweekly

This week we are focused mainly on the European Culture Congress. Exceptional event, the climax of the Cultural National Programme of the Polish Presidency in the European Union Council

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European Culture Congress is about to begin. The whole editorial staff of | is here in Wrocław to cover all the debates, exhibitions, concerts, and workshops. Our main focus point is the Reading Lab, a place devoted to reading, but not in the way you might expect.

EKK is ECC, European Culture Congress,
cover by Dominik Cymer
We want to take a look at literature and the written word in light of the changes brought about by the growth of new media. Updated publishing formats such as audiobooks and e-readers aren’t the only innovations: new, non-linear narrative structures have emerged, along with such fresh forms as digitisation and convergence, or the combination of text, sound, and video. The language of the written word is changing, along with the form in which it is published (blogs, social media, and online forums). Access to tools such as free software and hardware has made it possible to convey text in completely novel ways, stimulating the imaginations of technology users. On the other hand, the analogue world has been opening up to the concepts explored by digital innovations: the idea of interactivity applies to “unplugged” writing as well. Contemporary culture encourages us to cooperate. The role of the reader is becoming just as blurred as the authority of the author. Everyone is invited to write, to change language, and explore new forms of textual communication.

We will experiment and see what comes out of it. We hope you’ll experiment with us.

Biweekly#25. Editor: Agnieszka Słodownik. Cover by Dominik Cymer. Published 2 September, 2011 at 21:39.