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For all those who are unable to take part in the Europan Culture Congress debates in Wrocław there are online broadcasts on

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Follow the European Culture Congress debates online at The inauguration, professor Zygmunt Bauman’s lecture, the 10 congress debates, A Soul for Europe panels as well as the closing ceremony of the Congress and the Dock’s Docs Gdańsk Remix finale will be broadcast online in both English and Polish.

Detailed schedule of the broadcasts:

Thursday, 8 September

17.00–17.30 – Congress Inauguration
17.30–18.30 – Prof. Zygmunt Bauman’s Lecture

Friday, 9 September

10.00–12.00 – Debate „Culture Inc.”
10.00–12.00 – Debate „Culture In Action”
12.30–14.30 – Debate „The Cyberiad”
12.30–14.30 – Debate „Masses of Culture”
16.00–18.30 – Debate „Recycled Culture”

Saturday, 10 September

10.00–12.00 – A Soul For Europe: Culture and Development in European Union
10.00–12.00 – Debate „Dangerous Liaisons”
10.00–12.00 – Debate „Laboratory of Risk”
12.30–14.30 – Debate „Wikianarchy”
12.30–14.30 – Debate „Lost In Culture”
13.30–15.30 – A Soul For Europe: European Capital of Culture – a model for culture?
16.00–18.00 – A Soul For Europe: The impact of the European Union cultural programmes and their future shape
16.00–18.00 – Debate „Alien Europe”

Sunday, 11 September

12.00–13.00 – Closing Ceremony of the Congress including finale of Dock’s Docs Gdańsk Remix competition